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the "universal" gig-bag for nyckelharpa

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The "universal" gigbag for nyckelharpa is the latest addition to our collection. Padded on all sides with inlays in top, bottom and on the underside to protect the keys. There are removable blocks inside in different dimensions that are fixed with velcro on two sides so they can be placed according to your instrument. New is also the design of the backpack-straps that can be hidden in a pocket on the bottom. It comes with removable pocket on the inside for the bow and an outer pocket for accessories.

the "universal" gigbag for nyckelharpaEUR 179,-
All prices incl. 19% german VAT excl. p&p!

These prices are valid for our standard dimensions only. Of course we can also deliver gigbags and cases for bigger instruments like tenor- or octave-nyckelharpas. Please contact us if you need any further information!
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