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hard case for nyckelharpa

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Block-Tasche für Nyckelharpa

The "Block" hard case is - like the semi-rigid case - a customized case. To prepare this we need a drawing of your instrument as well as some meassurements. Usually it takes us one or two weeks to manufacture the case - after we got all the details needed. The base cunstruction is made from polystyrene - light, protective and insulating. This is padded with foam and covered with a black velvet-style fabric. The Block case also provides a special holder for the bow (extra bow holders available on request). The case itself is made from solid plywood with a black cover and comes with a shoulder strap.                                     

The block case provides an even better protection for your nyckelharpa. This may be espacially handy if you have to transport some more instruments in the boot of your car.

Block hard case for Nyckelharpa
EUR 360,-
extra for additional bow holder EUR 10,-
extra for curved bottomlinefrom EUR 20,-
All prices incl. 19% german VAT excl. p&p!

These prices are valid for our standard dimensions only. Of course we can also deliver gigbags and cases for bigger instruments like tenor- or octave-nyckelharpas. Please contact us if you need any further information!

To prepare "your" block-case we need a special sketch and some meassurements of your nyckelharpa. The instructions can be found here. Please feel free to send us some fotos of your nyckelharpa. Those should be taken in a right angle over the top of the instrument and should also show the head.

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