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gigbag "the universal" for nyckelharpa (link)EUR 179,-
semi-rigid case "the block" for nyckelharpa (link)EUR 275,-
         extra for bottom in MDF (3mm)EUR 12,-
         extra for curved bottom line (if bottom of instrument is not flat)from EUR 20,-
Block hard case for nyckelharpa
EUR 360,-
         extra for additional bow holder EUR 10,-
         extra for curved bottomline (if bottom of instrument is not flat)from EUR 20,-
All prices incl. 19% german VAT excl. p&p!

These prices are valid for our standard dimensions only. Of course we can also deliver gigbags and cases for bigger instruments like tenor- or octave-nyckelharpas. Please contact us if you need any further information!

To prepare "your" block-case we need a special sketch and some meassurements of your nyckelharpa. The instructions can be found here. Please feel free to send us some fotos of your nyckelharpa. Those should be taken in a right angle over the top of the instrument and should also show the head.
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